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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cliff Diving Is The Shizz!

Thanks to our free time in the APMC Team Building and Planning, I got the opportunity to cliff dive in Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. Although I have epic FAIL moments after the dive, I must say that this experience is one big epic WIN.

One epic winning experience is when Benedict took us to the caves just near the drop site. The FAIL is when I swam back, I didn't notice that I was carried by the current near the rocks. I slammed against the barnacle encrusted rock and got wounded. Not only that, as I swam nearer the bamboo ladder to climb up the rocks, I got mild leg cramps. I have to admit that I got scared so I opted not to jump again. Leg cramps is a swimmer's number one enemy. Pfft!

Anyway, if I get the chance to cliff dive again, I'd do it again. But first, I'll check the current and make sure I warm up before swimming to prevent cramps since it's a long swim from the site to the ladder. Safety should always be your priority.


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