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Friday, 6 May 2011

Sakae Sushi Experience

Not a lot of people know that I like Japanese food. Probably because they know I eat anything edible and palatable (except for okra..eew!). Now, I've seen Sakae Sushi before at Robinson's Place Manila last February but never got around to checking it out until a few weeks ago.

My friend, Clarisse suddenly craved for Japanese food during our botched "Final Coaching" so we decided to head for Tokyo, Tokyo! at Rob when I remembered "that place with sushi plates on conveyor belts". So wala tuloy choice si Rexor (PEACE REX! Don't poke my eye with a chopstick :P). I almost frothed at the mouth when I saw these babies on the conveyor belt:


Okay. So there aren't the exact pictures but these are what you'd see being served at the conveyor belt. But we wanted rice with toppings (donburi) so we opted to check out the menu, in which I think is very good. The ambiance of the place is very pleasant.

Let's cut to the chase. I ordered teriyaki chicken don, which i must say, is quite heavenly because the sauce is not salty, compared to those of other Japanese restaurants I've tried before. I just had to share with Cla and Rex. Not to mention, I like their soy sauce. LOL. Clarisse ordered their regular sushi platter with enough contents to send you into food coma. As for the sushi's taste, they have the best sushi I've ever tasted so far, though I'm not sure if it would please the strict standards of the Japanese Sushi Police

As for the price, you'd think it's pretty steep. But if you get to taste their stuff, you can say that it is worth it. Oh, they have 399 peso eat-all-you-can buffet that comes with free iced tea. If you don't want a serious sushi coma, you can get the sushi plates individually. The plates on the conveyor belt is color coded according to the price that ranges from 39 pesos to 99 pesos. Not bad, eh?

So I give this place a nod. I would definitely come back.
I have no pictures to show because only Clarisse took photos. Mrhrhr.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hindi Yan Cake

Kapag sinabing wedding gown, take it in all it's essence. Kailangan talagang magmukha siyang gown...hindi cake. Kaya wag nyong basagin ang trip ni ate kung masyadong simple ang gown niya. Mas ok na ang ganito:

..kaysa dito:

Kitams. Kaya tandaan: hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay kailangan ng tone-toneladang design sa gown. Dahil pag masyadong OA ang design, chaka ang kinakalabasan. BOW.

Kate and William photo by: Fashion Police
Cake Gown by: Tacky Weddings