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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Being Toxic Is Not an Excuse for Being an Asshole

Each one of us has really stressful moments that would make us want to drink Motolite Battery Fluid in order to keep up with the flow of the activities. And there are moments that we get irritable with the people around us, which is totally understandable under certain circumstances, i.e. nag-iinarte ang group member kapag inutusan. I give consideration for people who are irritable in stressful situations but for people who lash out on others for no apparent reason as their form of stress release, that’s another story.

Let me now tell you the story of this member of the Vagina Squad, whom I’d like to refer to as Stress Drilon.

My group mates are peacefully having our rotation at the Vagina Squad Headquarters, doing history-taking and the tasks required for 3rd year students. They have this patient who seems to have a complicated case and the Vagina Squad is having a mini-conference because they are thinking of an appropriate diagnosis. Stress Drilon handles this patient so she’s probably at her wit’s end because has to come up with something really good. Not only that, she has other patients on the other side of the Headquarters. Crap. Stressful nga!

But seriously, I don’t give a shit so I didn’t know what she was doing because we’re minding our own business.

Until 30 minutes before five PM, she was throwing a hissy fit after a conversation with her colleague. She was bitching about doing everything, from assessing and referring patients that she shouldn’t even be handling. We didn’t pay attention to her because one of us is really keen on interviewing the patient that just came in.

“O sige, ako na rin ang mag-i-ER!!!” She practically yelled, then she looks at us. We still ignored her.

“Lahat ba kayo duty dito sa ER? Kayong mga third year?” Stress Drilon asked shrilly. We say yes.

“Hanggang anong oras kayo dito?” She said in a really loud voice, that’s dangerously close to a shout.

“Five po.” Then she looks at the clock with a sharp gaze that can slice a rice grain into half.

“Umuwi na kayo kasi natotoxic kami” Stress Drilon said in a high-pitched cackle and shooed us away…in front of the patients. The patients looked dumbfounded while they were looking at us.

And I was like, WHAT THE FUCK?! I was so pissed that my left eyebrow skyrocketed to the ceiling and gave Stress Drilon a really evil look. I got even more pissed when I saw my group mate put away his clipboard because he can’t interview the patient anymore, which means that he can’t make his written output. I really wanted to answer back but realized that I would be making a scene and that shouldn’t waste my time on an ethically challenged moron so I left with my classmates. And besides, that patient interview is another job added for her. Bahala kang ma-toxic diyan.

I didn’t even look back because I might have second thoughts in just keeping mum. Gaahd, it took a lot of willpower for me to hold back the urge to give her a lecture on the Code of Ethics and a thing or two about Paulthenics*. Lol.

I mean, seriously, we have every right to practice there because WE FUCKING PAID FOR IT. She took away the opportunity of my group mate to do his task and that I cannot tolerate. And even if her day is so toxic and her stress levels are as high as the gas prices, it DOES NOT give her the liberty to treat people that way. Like, I care kung toxic ka, because all of us are. In the first place, we were not bothering her because we did not even interview and touch her patients so it is not justifiable that she treat us rudely. Secondly, we are all professionals so we don’t deserve that kind of behavior from her. Toxicity is not an excuse for rudeness.

I will not question the school where she came from because it depends on the person if they can live up to what they learned there. One thing I know for sure is that I don’t want to be like her, unethical, rude and unprofessional. I may be a bitch most of the time but I know how to treat people with respect. This person probably does not even know the meaning of the word “respect”.

What a pity. Tsk!

*A subject offered in all St. Paul colleges that teach students on manners and how to deal with people.

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