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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cry Me A River in Mild, Moderate, Severe

Kapag umuulan, lagi akong late gawa nito:

Ok. Fine. I’m starting to become tardy because I’m too tired to wake up early. I won’t explain anymore because it is worthy of another blog entry.

Anyway, floodwaters in Taft are very unpredictable. All you have to do is cry and then it’ll flood up instantly. Ok, I take that back because I just exaggerated. But really, it floods up easily in our area that’s why when it starts to rain, I’m freaking out. That’s because I’m afraid of leptospirosis and I’m afraid of stepping on something that came out of a person’s colon.  If ever I encounter any of those when I traverse the disgusting floodwater, I will cry you guys a tidal wave. Leptospirosis can kill you quickly so be careful when you have a wound in your foot. As for the former colonic content, it can cause other diseases that could also kill you in the long run.


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