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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Let’s Now Talk about the Silence of My Father’s Love and His Noisy Daughter

While I was browsing my Facebook home page, I saw a link posted by my friend, Sasa. It contained this video:

I swear my eyes filled with tears. Even if he’s a total kill joy, I love my Daddy so much that I wouldn’t feel ashamed of him. You see, in the video, there were kids who were making fun of the daughter because of her father being a deaf-mute. At eto naming gagang anak, ikinakahiya ang tatay niya. Ang swerte nga niya dahil hinahatid siya ng tatay nya sa school, samantalang ako hindi kasi laging nasa abroad ang tatay ko para magtrabaho. HELLO! Anyway, the daughter goes off to pick a fight with the bully. But alas, her efforts were in vain because the teasing happened again. Fast forward. And then she tries to kill herself.

If it was in my terms, I would’ve punched that bully right in the face just to teach her a lesson. Kiber kung ma-office. Haha!

Back to reality: I don’t have something to be ashamed about my dad, even if I live in a society that makes fun of those with a Visayan accent.

My dad is born and raised in Capiz, which is in the Visayas so naturally, he will have a Visayan accent. And I hate it when other people smirk or snigger whenever my dad cannot say a word perfectly. Being Bisaya is a part of who my daddy is and I take it that their smirk as an insult to my dad as a person. I remember this incident when I was in college, my dad visited me in my dorm after the Typhoon Milenyo because I was complaining that there was still power outage in our street. He can sense that I was crying kasi alam niya na maarte ako kapag mainit (haha!) so he took me out to eat at Rob for lunch. My sister is still in class so we just waited for her there.

As Daddy was ordering, he said "susij" instead of sausage and I saw the smirk on the waiter's face and the effort of how he stifled his laugh. Nabwisit ako ng bongga so I said "Talaga bang tinatawanan ninyo ang customers ninyo kapag nagkakamali ng pagkakasabi ng order?"

Natigilan ang waiter. But I didn't stop there.

"Bakit, paano mo ba binibigkas ang 'sausage'? Sige, bigkasin mo sa akin. Kapag hindi ako nasiyahan sa pagkakasabi mo, malilintikan ka sa akin."

I can feel my dad kicking me under the table. Hindi makasagot ang waiter. After a few seconds, "Nasaan ang manager ninyo?"

KABOOM! Nagdahilan na at nagsorry ang waiter but the damage has been done. Ginawa niyang katatawanan ang daddy ko so tama lang na turuan ko siya ng leksyon. Saktong napadaan ang manager at binigyan ko siya ng lecture tungkol sa kahalagahan ng cultural sensitivity sa business at public relations. I don't know what happened to the waiter after that.

As for me, sinumbong ako ni Daddy kay Mommy. Haha! I got a good scolding after that but I'd choose to get scolded ten times over than to see people make a joke out of my father. I'd do the same for my mother as well. That's because I love my parents ©


akoangheredera said...

Bravo! di ka lang doctor pwede ka na ding attorney

akoangheredera said...

honga pala naiyak ako ng bongga...honga sana sinapak na niya ng bongga yung bully keber kung ma-office at ma-suspend sa CAT hahahaha at least nalamangan ang kalaban