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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


During the summer vacation, my brother’s friend, RR, left his cat with us for safekeeping when he went home to Cebu. Being the cat freaks that we are, we were thrilled to take care of Mowy. It’s a new experience for us to be taking care of a bred cat. Mowy is a dollface Himalayan cat and she loves to eat Whiskas Junior and Fancy Feast.

At first, we thought that she is not fun to play with because she does not purr and is too delicate. But as she made alliances with Chiyo and Evil Kitty, she wasn’t as delicate as she looks. Mowy is the only cat I know that does not know how to jump up and down with a sharp precision. She only learned to jump after watching Chiyo and Evil Kitty. It is also interesting to note that Mowy likes to chew on bones! She is also fond of snuggling beside us on our beds.

So in just a month, I learned to love Mowy. She’s our Kitty Princess.

My heart broke when it was time to send her back to RR. And it devastated me when I found out that Mowy is missing after a few weeks since we returned her. The building security did not find any trace of Mowy. We all think that she was stolen when she jumped to the neighbor’s balcony.

Sa jejemon na nagnakaw kay Mowy, ibalik mo na siya. Plz.

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