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Monday, 10 October 2011


The world of theater really fascinates me. I've been exposed to watching plays and musicals as a kid during field trips and school performances of high school students so I think it rubbed off on me. The story line, the spectacular props and most importantly, the massive showcase of intense talent entices me to watch. And it's really awesome that good books become Broadway Musicals. For instance, Wicked by Gregory Maguire is now a hit musical for a few years already. And it's really impossible for me as to fly to the US for this.

And then I received the news that Wicked is coming to Singapore this December. Oh, how exciting!

I'm not sure if the family could afford to go out of the country during the peak season where prices are ridiculously high. But if we could, it'd be the best birthday gift ever. *hint, hint*

Railway Talk

This is not an engineering related post. I'm just professing my approval for Singapore's railway system because this is something that we can emulate in order to have an efficient railway system. I used to be a regular passenger of our local LRT 1 but I don't ride the it that much anymore because it's always crowded, the train arrivals are late and the train runs slowly. I hope the LRTA officials can pick up something from this railway. 

The following photos are taken in two different occasions.

The train system is properly mapped so you won't get lost.
Our local LRT 2 almost has the same look of this signboard. +1 for our LRT :D
Outram Park Station. Parang mall lang.
Not yet the train door. Supposedly this is to protect the passengers
and to prevent suicide from taking place. Srsly.
May I suggest artworks to liven up the dingy atmosphere and less of the jologs ads please.
And please make the e-ads applicable for silent advertisement because it adds up to the noise pollution.
Ducklips inside the train. Note that nobody's sitting on the reserved seat for the
disabled, pregnant women, elderly and those parents with small children.

I forgot to take photos of the designations for those who are alighting and boarding the train. I seriously want to have that implemented here. It's so annoying when you can't go off the train because those who will board are blocking the way. Not to mention, when I give way to those who will get off the train, some smart ass bitch would occupy the space and block the way. It tempts me to whack her head with my book. Lol.

So yeah, if LRTA will push through on increasing the fares, they should improve their train speed and trains and then come up with kickass facilities like this. It's totally unfair to have them increase the fares while we experience terrible service that is not what we should be getting. 

Hi LRTA administrators! :)

First World Airport With Its Own Train Stop

Note: Long overdue blog entry. I was supposed to blog about this eons ago but I got busy over the remaining days of summer. I just found the word document that I made. :))

May 13, 2011

It's my first time to travel alone so I'm kind of lost when it comes to all these processes in the airport. Luckily, Charmaine came with me because she knows all the ins and outs since she already went there.

Flight was 4:40 PM and ETA is 8:00PM via AirPhil. Unfortunately, there are a lot planes on the tarmac so the take-off was slightly delayed. During the flight, I was sitting beside two young Filipino lawyers who were chatting about their much deserved break. My ears were swimming in legal jargon so I slept throughout the flight. After almost four hours, I arrived at Terminal 2 of Changi Airpot with a huge surprise: a crowded tarmac.

First glimpse of Changi

The minute I stepped in the airport, it was freaking awesome. It's so different from NAIA 3 because it is very well lighted and traveler friendly. Traveler friendly in the sense that everything has an English translation and that there are signs put up everywhere to guide everyone. Plus whatever is written on the signs is strictly implemented. I'm not surprised why Changi Airport is touted as one of the world's best airports. One of my observations, although they are accommodating, the employees do not smile that often. Hehe.

More photos after the jump!

Cinderella Gone Wrong

OK. So I mentioned about Eka calling me Cinderella. If they had known Madame Imelda Marcos (former First Lady of the Philippines), they would probably call me that. Haha! All because I wore this during the AMSEP-UMS closing ceremony:

During the Pista ng Santo NiƱo 2010 at school.
I don't have a full  photo of this during the closing ceremony :D
With Obed (in Kadazan costume) during the Closing Ceremony.
This is the only photo that clearly shows the dress details. :D

Arjun gave me the nickname "Cinderella Gone Wrong" because I don't have my glass slippers with me. Lol. And yes, ever since the first time I wore this Terno last year, I never wore the "glass slippers". Observe:

No glass slippers here, folks! I only have rubber slippers. Because I'm cheap like that.  Haha!

Note to self: The next time I wear that costume, I should bring along jelly slippers because it looks like glass from afar. :P

AMSEP Closing Presentation - Philippines

This is a part of our closing presentation during the AMSEP-Malaysia for Indonesia and Philippines last September 5, 2011. Credits to Mel Caraan for this slideshow presentation. :)

See, it's really memorable that it's so hard to forget. :D

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Kaya Nyo 'To?

I'm fond of anything weird and unique. And here is Kuya Pok and his funky footwear combination.

Contrasting color due to different shoes involved

O, kaya nyo bang lumabas na magkaiba ang shoes ninyo? Haha! Syempre ako hindi. Only Pok can do that. :)

I Love Rubi Shoes

Whenever I go to the mall, I never fail to look at shoes. A lot of people ask why do I like shoes. The answer is simple: 

Nah, just kidding! :)
I think that shoes are the only things in my closet that don't make me look fat. Haha! And during our tough times, I never had a chance to buy new shoes. So probably I'm making up for it or something.

Anyway, my previous posts about Malaysia reminded me of Rubi Shoes. I fell in love with that store when I went to Ion Mall in Singapore. That's the first time I've ever entered this haven for shoe addicts. Naturally, I bought something...on sale. Lol.

I cannot forget how thrilled I am when I saw a Cotton On store in 1Borneo. I literally squealed with delight because even if it's Cotton On, I know that they sell shoes because Rubi Shoes is a sister company of Cotton On, an Australian company. It's like I died and went to shoe heaven, especially when I saw this sign:

Universiti Malaysia Sabah

If I'm a student here, I'd probably brag about how awesome my campus is. Since they just acquired the new building for the Allied Medical Sciences, I would also brag about how great my assigned building is.


Where I've Been, What I've Seen and Done

Now let's proceed to the sights and sounds of Kota Kinabalu. I made another slide show to compress the space so this wouldn't look lengthy. Lol.

  • Monsopiad Cultural Village - This shows you just how rich the culture of the Kadazan people is. They will showcase their dance and music. Prepare to be amazed by the sounds that they make: OOOOO-EEEEEE! Mel likes to imitate that sound. Haha! Another thing to look forward to is the House of Skulls which shows you the personal collection of skulls of the greatest head hunter ever, Monsopiad. Trivia: Monsopiad's 6th generation of descendants built this village.
  • Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi - We went island hopping in these islands. My personal favorite is Pulau Mamutik because it has lots of trees and there isn't much infrastructures so the natural beauty of the island is preserved. Basically all the islands look the same but you just have to pick the one that suits your mood. By the way, the corals there are amazing so grab your snorkel from the Abang and snorkel your way to one of the most well preserved corals I've ever seen.
  • Sunset View at Suriah Sabah
  • Lok Kawi Wildlife Park - Saw lots of cute animals like the Sun Bear, Asian Tiger, Proboscis Monkey, and the Orangutan. I was amazed by how huge this place is. Not to mention that the animals look healthy, the cages are clean and that the facilities are well maintained.
  • 1Borneo - My favorite mall. Haha!
  • Larry and Vince's Farmstay - One of my most favorite places ever. If you're the outdoor lover, this place is for you. We did a lot of trekking in the jungle, playing native games, fishing, hill climbing, owling, and eating (I just had to say that). There are lots of things to do here and you'll never get bored.
  • UMS Campus - The word "huge" is an understatement. And I have to agree when a lot of people say that UMS is the most beautiful campus in Malaysia because it is.
  • Tun Mustapha Tower - One of the best known landmarks of Kota Kinabalu. It is the tallest building in Sabah, and the second tallest in Borneo. And I found out from Wing Hoh that it was built in 1977. Look how modern it is!
  • Floating Mosque - It looks beautiful especially at night when the lights are on. 
  • Pu Toh Tze Chinese Buddhist Temple - Same with the Bell Church in Baguio, only a lot bigger.
  • Atkinson Clock Tower - A memorial to Francis George Atkinson found at Signal Hill Road.
  • Tanjung Aru Beach - The place to chillax. There are a lot of hawker stalls and open-air seafood restaurants here.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to go to Mt Kinabalu because it's still far from where we are staying. Although I wanted to go there, I'll just have to save it for my next trip. I just don't know when. Haha!

Food Trip in Malaysia

Well, any trip is not complete without us talking about food. I made this slide show so you can see the food that was served to us during my stay in Malaysia.

One of the most interesting things in there is the Cemented Chicken. I first heard of it during our stay at Larry and Vince's Farmstay when we passed by the kitchen. I thought the auntie was kidding when she said that it was cemented chicken. Good thing Christian said that there really is such thing as a cemented chicken. When I tasted it, it has this tangy chicken flavor with a punch of ginger. I liked it because the flavor is locked in the chicken.

Another interesting part is the last part of the slideshow which was taken at Devi's. You can see that it was recommended in lonely planet so you'll know the food they serve there is really good. We had tosai, roti canai, mee and the never ending teh tarik. It was actually my first time to try Indian food...and I loved it.

One of the places that piqued my interest is the family-run Borneo 1945 cafe. The auntie running the place is really cool because she has red hair. So cute. Anyway, we ordered nasi lemak and kasturi juice. Guys, beware of the kasturi juice because it's not the typical juice that we are accustomed to. They include the peel and the seeds so it has a very bitter flavor. And it is also my first time to taste Horlicks. I really liked it so I brought some home.

We usually have nasi ayam (chicken rice) and mee (noodles). I don't get tired of nasi ayam because it's one of my favorite foods. And it's different from the ones sold in commercial establishments here in the Philippines because majority of the nasi ayam we ate tastes like the ones in the authentic Chinese restaurants in Binondo. If you're not too sensitive, you can also eat food sold at stalls in the street. It's kinda like our street food setup.

Too bad I didn't take a photo of the giant Milo pack. I swear, there is such a thing. I noticed that Malaysians really like Milo because it's a part of their drinks section.

I wasn't able to taste everything but I would like to try unique stuff if I get to visit there in the future. So foodies, there's a lot more to discover. :)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

An Awesome Nine Day Experience

As promised, I will write about my AMSEP UMS 2011 for Indonesia and Philippines experience once I have the time. Now that I have the time, I'm going to do it in multiple entries. So I would like to begin my KK chronicles with an entry about how amazing the people of AMSEP are.

Before anything else, let me tell you guys something about AMSEP. AMSEP stands for Asian Medical Students Exchange Program, which is one of the many projects of the Asian Medical Students Association or AMSA. The AMSEP provides an opportunity to medical students from different countries to find out more about the educational methods and teaching styles of another country, aside from learning about the country's culture and tradition.

Luckily, I was given the opportunity to participate in this program, hosted by Universiti Malaysia Sabah. At first I was hesitant to join because I'm scared to miss out on the exams. But since I'm that anal retentive (Lol), I checked the schedule and we're all good. And the rest is history.

Long post ahead. You can skip reading and just look at the photos. :P

At Last!

It's freaking sem break!

Time to par...