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Monday, 10 October 2011

Cinderella Gone Wrong

OK. So I mentioned about Eka calling me Cinderella. If they had known Madame Imelda Marcos (former First Lady of the Philippines), they would probably call me that. Haha! All because I wore this during the AMSEP-UMS closing ceremony:

During the Pista ng Santo Niño 2010 at school.
I don't have a full  photo of this during the closing ceremony :D
With Obed (in Kadazan costume) during the Closing Ceremony.
This is the only photo that clearly shows the dress details. :D

Arjun gave me the nickname "Cinderella Gone Wrong" because I don't have my glass slippers with me. Lol. And yes, ever since the first time I wore this Terno last year, I never wore the "glass slippers". Observe:

No glass slippers here, folks! I only have rubber slippers. Because I'm cheap like that.  Haha!

Note to self: The next time I wear that costume, I should bring along jelly slippers because it looks like glass from afar. :P

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