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Monday, 10 October 2011

First World Airport With Its Own Train Stop

Note: Long overdue blog entry. I was supposed to blog about this eons ago but I got busy over the remaining days of summer. I just found the word document that I made. :))

May 13, 2011

It's my first time to travel alone so I'm kind of lost when it comes to all these processes in the airport. Luckily, Charmaine came with me because she knows all the ins and outs since she already went there.

Flight was 4:40 PM and ETA is 8:00PM via AirPhil. Unfortunately, there are a lot planes on the tarmac so the take-off was slightly delayed. During the flight, I was sitting beside two young Filipino lawyers who were chatting about their much deserved break. My ears were swimming in legal jargon so I slept throughout the flight. After almost four hours, I arrived at Terminal 2 of Changi Airpot with a huge surprise: a crowded tarmac.

First glimpse of Changi

The minute I stepped in the airport, it was freaking awesome. It's so different from NAIA 3 because it is very well lighted and traveler friendly. Traveler friendly in the sense that everything has an English translation and that there are signs put up everywhere to guide everyone. Plus whatever is written on the signs is strictly implemented. I'm not surprised why Changi Airport is touted as one of the world's best airports. One of my observations, although they are accommodating, the employees do not smile that often. Hehe.

More photos after the jump!

Walkalator para sa ayaw maglakad. Lol.

Ate Richie picked me up at the airport and showed me the first world amenities, like the airport services and the railway system. 

Let's just take the train..because that's all I brought with me. :D
Ate Richie with the automated ticketing machine that dispenses pre-paid tickets. Cool.

I seriously fell in love with their train system because it's fast and convenient because the airport is one of the train stops. We didn't hire a cab anymore since I bought only a huge duffel bag and my carry on luggage. I didn't take photos though because my sister and I were telling so much stories. Will post photos of the trains on the next entry.

Meanwhile, here are the other sights inside Changi Airport.

Airport shuttle service, trash cans for solid waste management and playground for the kids.
They have a pseudowaterfall in the departure area.

Nice eh? :D

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