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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Food Trip in Malaysia

Well, any trip is not complete without us talking about food. I made this slide show so you can see the food that was served to us during my stay in Malaysia.

One of the most interesting things in there is the Cemented Chicken. I first heard of it during our stay at Larry and Vince's Farmstay when we passed by the kitchen. I thought the auntie was kidding when she said that it was cemented chicken. Good thing Christian said that there really is such thing as a cemented chicken. When I tasted it, it has this tangy chicken flavor with a punch of ginger. I liked it because the flavor is locked in the chicken.

Another interesting part is the last part of the slideshow which was taken at Devi's. You can see that it was recommended in lonely planet so you'll know the food they serve there is really good. We had tosai, roti canai, mee and the never ending teh tarik. It was actually my first time to try Indian food...and I loved it.

One of the places that piqued my interest is the family-run Borneo 1945 cafe. The auntie running the place is really cool because she has red hair. So cute. Anyway, we ordered nasi lemak and kasturi juice. Guys, beware of the kasturi juice because it's not the typical juice that we are accustomed to. They include the peel and the seeds so it has a very bitter flavor. And it is also my first time to taste Horlicks. I really liked it so I brought some home.

We usually have nasi ayam (chicken rice) and mee (noodles). I don't get tired of nasi ayam because it's one of my favorite foods. And it's different from the ones sold in commercial establishments here in the Philippines because majority of the nasi ayam we ate tastes like the ones in the authentic Chinese restaurants in Binondo. If you're not too sensitive, you can also eat food sold at stalls in the street. It's kinda like our street food setup.

Too bad I didn't take a photo of the giant Milo pack. I swear, there is such a thing. I noticed that Malaysians really like Milo because it's a part of their drinks section.

I wasn't able to taste everything but I would like to try unique stuff if I get to visit there in the future. So foodies, there's a lot more to discover. :)

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