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Monday, 10 October 2011

Railway Talk

This is not an engineering related post. I'm just professing my approval for Singapore's railway system because this is something that we can emulate in order to have an efficient railway system. I used to be a regular passenger of our local LRT 1 but I don't ride the it that much anymore because it's always crowded, the train arrivals are late and the train runs slowly. I hope the LRTA officials can pick up something from this railway. 

The following photos are taken in two different occasions.

The train system is properly mapped so you won't get lost.
Our local LRT 2 almost has the same look of this signboard. +1 for our LRT :D
Outram Park Station. Parang mall lang.
Not yet the train door. Supposedly this is to protect the passengers
and to prevent suicide from taking place. Srsly.
May I suggest artworks to liven up the dingy atmosphere and less of the jologs ads please.
And please make the e-ads applicable for silent advertisement because it adds up to the noise pollution.
Ducklips inside the train. Note that nobody's sitting on the reserved seat for the
disabled, pregnant women, elderly and those parents with small children.

I forgot to take photos of the designations for those who are alighting and boarding the train. I seriously want to have that implemented here. It's so annoying when you can't go off the train because those who will board are blocking the way. Not to mention, when I give way to those who will get off the train, some smart ass bitch would occupy the space and block the way. It tempts me to whack her head with my book. Lol.

So yeah, if LRTA will push through on increasing the fares, they should improve their train speed and trains and then come up with kickass facilities like this. It's totally unfair to have them increase the fares while we experience terrible service that is not what we should be getting. 

Hi LRTA administrators! :)


ardee sean said...

whew... i just recently posted a similar post on this, about the transpo in Singapore. And I really find it cool, I just hope they can also implement in the Phils. ;)

KC said...

I agree. We deserve to have an efficient transportation system di ba? :D