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Monday, 10 October 2011


The world of theater really fascinates me. I've been exposed to watching plays and musicals as a kid during field trips and school performances of high school students so I think it rubbed off on me. The story line, the spectacular props and most importantly, the massive showcase of intense talent entices me to watch. And it's really awesome that good books become Broadway Musicals. For instance, Wicked by Gregory Maguire is now a hit musical for a few years already. And it's really impossible for me as to fly to the US for this.

And then I received the news that Wicked is coming to Singapore this December. Oh, how exciting!

I'm not sure if the family could afford to go out of the country during the peak season where prices are ridiculously high. But if we could, it'd be the best birthday gift ever. *hint, hint*


akoangheredera said...

aba'y magparinig ka na kay Pudang hahahaha

KC said...

Paparinig na nga ako pag-uwi ko. Haha!

ardee sean said...

naexcite ako sa trailer.. gusto ko din panoorin to.. hmmmm.. kelangan ko na pareserve.. :P