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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


What you did, it left a scar.

I believe that my group does not deserve that kind of treatment. I don't mind that they didn't like our paper but I don't like the way we were treated. To be labelled as a massive failure pointblank without even realizing the circumstances and to imply that we could kill people with our study in front of a lot of people, is totally uncalled for. This just shows how we were butchered with superficiality and intimidation.

I will not give you the luxury of doing this to us again. All we wanted is not impunity but a little respect coming from "highly esteemed" people. In retrospect, I believe that what our group did is still a significant contribution to the pursuit of scientific knowledge because it taught us a lot of things. You are not in a position to belittle us because everyone has given their time and effort to finish the study. Although it almost went kaput, we still pursued to go through with it because we're striving to become better by learning something from this experience. Our indomitable spirit is something that is immeasurable beyond what your grading sheet says.

So to the Perfection Nazi, I raise my middle finger to you. Fuck you for treating us like crap. Despite our supposed "MASSIVE FAILURE", we will all become clinical clerks. That would be my other middle finger raised to you.