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Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Sunbloom Experience

Since I'm a sucker for good service, I would like to reward the establishments whose service I enjoyed, by writing about them here in my blog. I know I don't have a huge audience but I think posting something good about them could help. Let me start off this "Kiss of Approval" by writing about Sunbloom Resort in Candelaria, Zambales.

My siblings and I went there last November when my Ate Richie went home from Singapore for a vacation. She chose Sunbloom because there are a lot of good reviews about the place. Not only that, Sir Allan is very accommodating and very professional in dealing with customers through phone inquiries so it gave us a good sign that it's the best choice. But what made me amazed by their service is their ability to handle last minute changes.

Since I am the abnormal one, my schedule won't jive with my sister's plan in going to Potipot Island so we are having a hard time planning the trip. Due to last minute changes, my IM Nephro mid-module exam was transferred to that Saturday that we are supposed to leave. We immediately informed Sir Allan about our problem and he was able to give us very plausible options and he even gave us tips on how to travel safely to Zambales. Another +1 for Sunbloom.

We arrived there at about 7PM and we noticed the place is very quiet, which is perfect if your goal is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I found it very relaxing. However, during that time, their restaurant is not yet fully functional so we had to go to the nearby resort to eat. It didn't matter since walking kills fat. Haha. During that evening, Sir Allan confirmed our plans for the next day so he can make the arrangements with the boatman who will take us to Potipot and prepare our breakfast. Very good customer relations, indeed.

The resort at night.
Chamu, Peng, moi, and Ate Richie

We stayed in the Standard Room, which can accommodate four people. It has the basic twin beds and a bathroom. As for the rooms, it is clean and well maintained. I liked the bamboo bed frame because it was very comfortable to sleep in. The bathroom is small but very clean. 

The resort will give you a taste of the peace and quiet in the province. The architecture will also remind you of the old world charm as the buildings resemble the old stone houses from the Spanish era. 

You can play a little basketball game here.

And before I forget, we had a hearty breakfast. I really liked their longganisa because it's very tasty and satisfying even if it's small. I think by this year the restaurant would be open so it'd leave you with more choices.

If you'll ask me, I would love to stay here again. The place is really clean, the staff is very courteous and accommodating and they are very professional. With this, Sunbloom Resort has my kiss of approval. For more info, you can check out their website: sunbloomresort.com

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