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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fabuland is Love!

I was inspired by my Ate Richie's blog entry to write about our old LEGO Fabuland set. It was one of our favorite toys ever because we get to build our own house according to our own specifications. Not only that, it is also our way of bonding because my siblings and I huddle together in a corner, trying to follow the instructions on the leaflet.

I found this amazing review by WhiteFang and I got all the photos there. WhiteFang's photos make storytelling easier. :)

The Fabuland 3683

The earliest memory that I have with our LEGO Fabuland set is when Daddy came home from Europe and he was building it with Ate Richie. And I remember that my favorite role was to spin the Ferris Wheel and the Merry-go-Round.

This image is found in the inside flap of the box
I wanted to have all of the characters found on the 2nd to the last page of the leaflet

Let me take you to a short journey back to my childhood. Meet Max the Mouse, Freddie the Fox, Clive the Crocodile and Lucy the Lamb:

Clive is my personal favorite

I gave each character their own personality. In my mind the characters are all good friends who live in their own houses. For me, Max is the playful one, Freddie is the pretty boy, Clive is the bad ass dude and Lucy is the pretty girl. My siblings and I loved to make up stories about the characters and their activities for the whole day. I think one of the reasons why I have a vivid imagination is because of this.

My mom keeps this at the topmost cabinet and only lets us play with it during weekends and summer vacation. But being the little devil that I am, I lock myself up in my room with a spoon at hand. Then I step up in the dresser to reach the cabinet, using the spoon to pry open the cabinet door. Then hours of total enjoyment happens!

And what's good about this is that LEGO lasts for a lifetime. My brother, Christopher, who is eight years my junior, was still able to play with this set even if some pieces got lost over the years. It was so sad that when we left our house in Mariquita, we had to give away some of our old toys, including our beloved Fabuland. While packing, I played with it for the last time and realized that you are never too old for LEGO.

Giving the set away is one of the most difficult things that I did but we just have to think that other kids will be able to make new memories out of it. Until now, Max, Freddie, Clive and Lucy remains one of the most important names of our childhood.

The entire gang in Fabuland

I felt happy when I found out that there are a few Fabuland sets for sale online. When I earn my own money (again) I will definitely buy a set because it's a part of me. I also want my future children to experience the joys of playing with the toys from my childhood. Not to mention that I want them to know that you can still have fun even if you don't have the fancy gadgets of today. I grew up in a time with no iPods, PSPs and computers and I still had the time of my life.

Lego Fabuland 3683, I will have you again. Soon. :)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Condescending Wonka Speaks For Me

Sorry, I can't help it. *evil laugh*

Make your own at Zipmeme

Haters Gon' Hate

You know how I feel about slow walkers so I LOL'd when I saw this at 9GAG:

Don't get me started on those people who walk slowly with a mobile phone at hand. I seriously want to snatch it off their hands and throw it away. It's okay if they stay at one side but what's annoying is that they stay at the middle of the path.

I know someone is bound to negatively react to this post. Mrhrhr.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dream High Hair

My brother, Christopher introduced me to Dream High during my Makati Med Psych rotation and I got hooked on the series. Not to mention, I also got hooked on the cute Korean fashion. Tee-hee. And because of this, I'm contemplating on getting my hair cut between these styles:

Teacher Shi hair

Yoon Baek Hee hair

Unfortunately, my hair gets crazy with all the humidity so I don't think it'll work unless I get my hair rebonded. FAIL.

That's why I decided to go with Go Hye Mi's hair clips. Bow Power!

I made my own hair clips and I'm going to post it as soon as I feel like taking photos of it. Lol. At least I got my Dream High hair. :)

IKEA Restaurant Rocks!

I love to eat. Really. Take a look at my fat ass, it shows. Anyway, when it comes to food, I dare to try something different because I find it fun to tickle my taste buds with food that I haven't tasted before. I also try to eat at different places so that I know where to go when I feel like stress eating. Lol.

I also like to experience different set ups when it comes to food and this is why IKEA's restaurant and cafe got my attention.

My sister Charmaine and I set off to Alexandra Road to try out at IKEA because Ate Richie likes it there so much. When you reach the restaurant, you'll notice that the place is packed but there are enough tables and seats for everyone.

What struck me most about this place is that it is a self-service restaurant

Brownie points for IKEA

Although there are still a few people who leave their trays on the table, the self-service policy is very much observed here. Being accustomed to leaving our utensils on the table after eating at a restaurant, this is something new for me, considering that this is done to keep the food prices down.

Let's now go to the food. Since I like dessert, I love the set up that the dessert is displayed before the main course. Haha. Charmaine and I tried Swedish desserts such as the Princess Cake or PRINCESSTÃ…RTA, a cream cake with marzipan, Almond Cake, and the Swedish Apple Cake.

Princess Cake, S$3.00
Swedish Apple Cake, S$3.50
Almond Cake, S$3.50

But who can resist the good old, Chocolate Mousse?

Chocolate Mousse, S$1.50

We're on dessert overload so we decided on the 15-piece Swedish Meatballs served with potatoes, gravy and cranberry jam.

Swedish Meatballs, S$8.00

I wanted to try the ligonberry drink but I'd settle for the service water instead so we can eat more. Hee-hee.

I'd like to add another dish that we were able to eat later with Ate Richelle, the Steamed Pink Salmon served with potatoes.

Steamed Pink Salmon, I forgot how much it is. Tee-hee!

And really, the food is delicious and totally worth it. I thought that I would go into food coma everyday is we have IKEA restaurant here in the Philippines but I just don't know if the self-service concept would work. Anyway, I would definitely come back here to try other food from their menu, without hesitating to clear my own table.

Credit Card Perks

One of the things I like about paying with credit cards is that it is very convenient and that it offers freebies. I've gotten a lot of freebies through the Real Thrills of my BPI credit card and I am looking forward to redeeming more.

But one of the best freebies that I got upon using a credit card is a S$6 retail and food vouchers in Universal Studios Singapore.

I know it's not that much but it's a huge thing for me. Usually, I wouldn't buy something from retail stores in USS but I was able to get a bag tag using the retail voucher. As for the food voucher, I was able to get lots of drinks and coolers out of this.

The ease of purchase of something that you like coupled with freebies could be tempting but never forget to use your credit card wisely.

What freebie have you gotten through your credit card?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Too Lazy, Too Delayed.

Since I have been too lazy to blog about the last few months, it is only now that I have decided to do it. As you can see, I am now on my OB rotation and everything is a routine. If you know me well, I do not like routines. I'll do this just to break the routine of my monotonous life in the OB ward. Haha.

This what I do on my free time:

So please bear with the seiously delayed posts.

What's In This Popcorn? This Garrett Popcorn?

The first time that my sister Charmaine went to Singapore, she was raving about this special popcorn that was so yummy, it'll blow your brains out. And when my Ate Richie mentioned that her then boyfriend, now husband, Joseph does not want her to eat this popcorn, I am convinced that it is really good. May I present to you, Garrett Popcorn.

Notice the evenly coated kernels. *drool*

When I first ate this, it was so good that I couldn't stop popping it in my mouth. Each popcorn is evenly coated with your flavor of choice. Not to mention, there are only a few morsels of the kernel husk that'll get stuck on your teeth. I personally prefer the cheese variant although it is slightly salty.

Me, acting like an idiot in front of the Garrett Popcorn Shop in Sentosa

And because of that, buying Garrett popcorn is now a part of our trips to Singapore whenever we visit Ate Richie. Even our brother approves of it that he prefers to it everything all by himself, considering that he is really picky when it comes to his food. I don't know what this popcorn has but it does turn us into a pack of hungry wolves.

Peng taking the entire bag while Charmaine settled for a few kernels
Munching while waiting for our orders from Mr Bean
And what's great about this is that you can take this home. Garrett Popcorn Shops sell the popcorn along with a canister wherein the popcorn could last for about a month when unopened. Just look at how happy Charmaine is when she saw this on Ate Richie's luggage.

If this popcorn hits Manila, I'd probably end up looking like the Goodyear Blimp. Haha.

Find out more about this delicious product on http://www.garrettpopcorn.com/