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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Credit Card Perks

One of the things I like about paying with credit cards is that it is very convenient and that it offers freebies. I've gotten a lot of freebies through the Real Thrills of my BPI credit card and I am looking forward to redeeming more.

But one of the best freebies that I got upon using a credit card is a S$6 retail and food vouchers in Universal Studios Singapore.

I know it's not that much but it's a huge thing for me. Usually, I wouldn't buy something from retail stores in USS but I was able to get a bag tag using the retail voucher. As for the food voucher, I was able to get lots of drinks and coolers out of this.

The ease of purchase of something that you like coupled with freebies could be tempting but never forget to use your credit card wisely.

What freebie have you gotten through your credit card?

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