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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

IKEA Restaurant Rocks!

I love to eat. Really. Take a look at my fat ass, it shows. Anyway, when it comes to food, I dare to try something different because I find it fun to tickle my taste buds with food that I haven't tasted before. I also try to eat at different places so that I know where to go when I feel like stress eating. Lol.

I also like to experience different set ups when it comes to food and this is why IKEA's restaurant and cafe got my attention.

My sister Charmaine and I set off to Alexandra Road to try out at IKEA because Ate Richie likes it there so much. When you reach the restaurant, you'll notice that the place is packed but there are enough tables and seats for everyone.

What struck me most about this place is that it is a self-service restaurant

Brownie points for IKEA

Although there are still a few people who leave their trays on the table, the self-service policy is very much observed here. Being accustomed to leaving our utensils on the table after eating at a restaurant, this is something new for me, considering that this is done to keep the food prices down.

Let's now go to the food. Since I like dessert, I love the set up that the dessert is displayed before the main course. Haha. Charmaine and I tried Swedish desserts such as the Princess Cake or PRINCESSTÃ…RTA, a cream cake with marzipan, Almond Cake, and the Swedish Apple Cake.

Princess Cake, S$3.00
Swedish Apple Cake, S$3.50
Almond Cake, S$3.50

But who can resist the good old, Chocolate Mousse?

Chocolate Mousse, S$1.50

We're on dessert overload so we decided on the 15-piece Swedish Meatballs served with potatoes, gravy and cranberry jam.

Swedish Meatballs, S$8.00

I wanted to try the ligonberry drink but I'd settle for the service water instead so we can eat more. Hee-hee.

I'd like to add another dish that we were able to eat later with Ate Richelle, the Steamed Pink Salmon served with potatoes.

Steamed Pink Salmon, I forgot how much it is. Tee-hee!

And really, the food is delicious and totally worth it. I thought that I would go into food coma everyday is we have IKEA restaurant here in the Philippines but I just don't know if the self-service concept would work. Anyway, I would definitely come back here to try other food from their menu, without hesitating to clear my own table.

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