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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wander Girl

I've been reading all over the net that one of the things that you should do before you get married is to travel and see the world. Right now, that's what I am aiming for, not that I'm getting married soon. It's just that during one of my trips, I realized that the world really has a lot to offer and I want to experience it for myself. Plus, it's one way of de-stressing and enjoying your hard earned money.

Here are some countries on my Travel Bucket List:



South Korea




Although I can visit some countries sooner, I don't have the luxury of time. Not to mention, I still don't have the financial means for now. Haha. So I'm going to put this up and make this as my motivation to work harder so I can tick stuff off my Travel Bucket list.

A girl can dream you know. 

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This is my best photo as a junior intern, taken by my classmate, Cha:

As I was looking back on the photos of my past rotations, I realized that there are only a few photos that I took by myself. Unlike before when I was still in college, I was very eager to capture every moment on camera. Not to mention, I used to have a lot of self-portraits or the "camwhore" shots. I don't know but now I really don't see the need to take too much pictures so often.

I've noticed that the youngsters do this more frequently and with that I really feel old. Haha.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

San Sebastian Church

It's my final year in San Beda and I'm not even hanging out at school that much anymore so one day Charmaine and I decided to explore the different landmarks around Mendiola that I've never set foot in. One of these places include San Sebastian Church.

Honestly, in my four years in Mendiola, I never went in to San Sebastian Church until that day. Not because their basketball team annoys me but because I'm always in a hurry to go home and rest. So now, my sister and I took time to visit it.

According to UNESCO:
The Church of San Sebastian is made of a steel frame and panels and is known for its distinct characteristic - that of being the only neo-gothic steel church in the Philippines and in Asia.
The steel parts were manufactured in the Societe Anonyme's foundry in Binche, Belgium and were shipped to Manila.  On June 12, 1888, the first shipment of steel parts were brought to the Philippines.  For two years, the church was assembled with local artists and craftsmen joining the Belgian firm in applying the final finishing touches on this new church of steel.  The stained glass windows were imported from the Henri Oidtmann Company, a German stained glass firm.
My sister was awestruck and had to touch and knock at the walls to ensure that she's really there at the first ever steel church in Asia. It feels surreal that I'm already at a place that I only hear about in discussions during my Sibika at Kultura class.

We lighted candles and prayed for the family.

I have to say that San Sebastian Church is one of the prettiest churches I've visited. The atmosphere is very serene that it makes me want to pray with all my heart.

Sisterlihood Bonding Bag

Lookie here, it's our "sisterlihood bonding bag"

OZ, PH and US

Ate Richie bought it while she was scouring the corners Orchard Road. She thought that it's pretty cool for us girls to have a same bag. We named it as "sisterlihood bonding bag" in total mockery of the perky stuff we see at Facebook. It gives Ate Richie a headache if she hears how we say it. It makes Charmaine convulse but we do it anyway.

Soon, one sisterlihood bonding bag is bound to the US and one is bound for OZ. As for the last one, it's bound to stay here in the PH. But wherever it may go, it'll remain to serve as its purpose: *insert perky tone here* as a sisterlihood bonding baggie!

I'm A Proud Owner of a Pusang Pinoy

Since our cats are well-fed and well taken cared of, I often get asked if Chiyo is part Ocicat or even part Bengal. People get surprised if they find out that Chiyo is a Pusang Pinoy a.k.a. PusaKal (Pusang Kalye) because they think that he's too handsome to be one.

Chiyo, my boy.

Meet the rest of the gang:

Evil Kitty, the most evil cat in the block

Lord Derpington was adopted by my cousin, Gomer

May I introduce you to another one of our former cats, Powder? Unfortunately, Powie was cat-napped four years ago. What I like about Powie is her being a tuxedo cat, which is quite difficult to find. I really miss Powie and I hope whoever took her is taking care of her well.


I just don't get it why others have to alienate PusPins from the rest of the cat family. It hurts me when people do not give so much importance to the PusPins because they're just THAT. I seriously wanted to punch that random guy in the LRT who said that he is planning to throw away the kittens he found on their yard "kasi pusakal lang naman yun". Pusakal lang? Are you freaking kidding me? They are still cats, you know.

Fuck you, that's what.

I'm not ashamed to say that our cats are PusPins. Being a cat lover, I do not mind if the cat I am taking care of has a breed or none and I look beyond the breed to see what I can do for a cat. That's what being a cat lover is all about, being able to give unrequited love to cats despite its form or breed.

From the CARA webpage

Posts on Facebook declaring their love for animals but act otherwise make me laugh. I feel sorry for them because they don't understand the joys of being a pet owner.

I'm done here. Kudos to those who have PusPins as pets. :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Best Liempo I Ever Tasted

Liempo or pork belly is a staple in the Filipino cuisine. I personally like this especially when there's just the right amount of fat in between the meat. I know that this is not friendly to your blood vessels but if eaten in moderation and accompanied by proper exercise, it's alright.

But sometimes, typical preparations make me veer away from eating this. However, this changed when I tasted Floating Island's Crispy Liempo in Sweet and Spicy Sauce.

It's actually a value meal bundled with everything, complete with entree, main course, drinks and dessert. All for 255 pesos.

The whole shebang

Cheesy Mushroom Soup

Banana Pudding

Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet voted this as the Best Hospital Restaurant. That I have to agree with. The place is clean, staff is courteous, food is great and most importantly, it's worth every cent that you paid for. They mostly serve Filipino dishes that would surely satisfy your cravings. This place surely makes you want to drag yourself to this hospital even if you don't want to. After a stress inducing vaccine or anxiety attack provoking medical exam, treat yourself to whatever Floating Island has to offer and your woes would surely be gone.

Visit them at:
Makati Medical Center
2 Amorsolo St. corner Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Monday, 2 July 2012

CNA Philippines

I've been meaning to write this post about CNA ever since I first stepped into their store but I was too lazy and that I haven't bought anything from them yet so it is totally pointless to do so. And I'm blabbering again. LOL. So let's start with this, shall we?

It was my sister Charmaine who told me about "this Korean store" in the University Tower, Malate. She said she saw it when she was on the way to Robinson's Place and it was packed so she didn't try to get in. But according to her, it sells accessories. And I, being a Korean accessory freak ever since watching Dream High, wanted to check out the place ASAP sans the crowd.

The old signage

When I finally had a chance to check it out for myself, here's what I saw and I nearly cried rainbow colored tears.

So colorful!

Colorful hair accessories FTW

Quirky headbands to suit your taste

Nail polish and other beauty products for everyone

Kpop Albums for all you fans out there

Pretty cool right?

As for me, I really like earrings because I feel that it kind of brightens up my face. For now, it's the only accessory that works for me in dressing up my plain white med school uniform. So I went gaga over the earring display.

Cute earrings for only 60 pesos

I bought two pairs of earrings and I was really thrilled to find out that it is hypoallergenic. Not bad for 60 peso earrings. I still have to try out their beaded barrettes because I can't use them for now if ever I'd buy now. I'm on delivery room duty so its awesomeness could not be seen because I have to wear a surgical cap.

Blurred photo of my newly purchased earrings

As for the price range, some items are fairly priced but some are too expensive (1,000+ for a barrette) for peasants like me. But then again, you won't find the exact same items in Divisoria so the steep price is OK because you'll get something unique anyway.

To find out more about this store, you may visit them at G/F Unit D University Tower, Malate, 1004 Manila or you may want to check out their Facebook page or the co-owner, Kring Elenzano's blog.

First 8 images from CNA Philippines Facebook Page. I don't know if photos are allowed inside the store so I did not attempt to take my own photos. :P

Totally Cute Signage

I was picking up my stuff and preparing to go home from a preceptorial with Dr Colmenar in St Luke's QC when I saw this at the back of his clinic room:


It's so nice to see a child's artwork once in a while, don't you think? :)