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Monday, 2 July 2012

CNA Philippines

I've been meaning to write this post about CNA ever since I first stepped into their store but I was too lazy and that I haven't bought anything from them yet so it is totally pointless to do so. And I'm blabbering again. LOL. So let's start with this, shall we?

It was my sister Charmaine who told me about "this Korean store" in the University Tower, Malate. She said she saw it when she was on the way to Robinson's Place and it was packed so she didn't try to get in. But according to her, it sells accessories. And I, being a Korean accessory freak ever since watching Dream High, wanted to check out the place ASAP sans the crowd.

The old signage

When I finally had a chance to check it out for myself, here's what I saw and I nearly cried rainbow colored tears.

So colorful!

Colorful hair accessories FTW

Quirky headbands to suit your taste

Nail polish and other beauty products for everyone

Kpop Albums for all you fans out there

Pretty cool right?

As for me, I really like earrings because I feel that it kind of brightens up my face. For now, it's the only accessory that works for me in dressing up my plain white med school uniform. So I went gaga over the earring display.

Cute earrings for only 60 pesos

I bought two pairs of earrings and I was really thrilled to find out that it is hypoallergenic. Not bad for 60 peso earrings. I still have to try out their beaded barrettes because I can't use them for now if ever I'd buy now. I'm on delivery room duty so its awesomeness could not be seen because I have to wear a surgical cap.

Blurred photo of my newly purchased earrings

As for the price range, some items are fairly priced but some are too expensive (1,000+ for a barrette) for peasants like me. But then again, you won't find the exact same items in Divisoria so the steep price is OK because you'll get something unique anyway.

To find out more about this store, you may visit them at G/F Unit D University Tower, Malate, 1004 Manila or you may want to check out their Facebook page or the co-owner, Kring Elenzano's blog.

First 8 images from CNA Philippines Facebook Page. I don't know if photos are allowed inside the store so I did not attempt to take my own photos. :P


Daphne said...

May type ako dito sa CNA. Yung spike na headband. Dami nga lang tao parati at di pa ulit ako nagagawi sa may bandang malate. :(

Cute ng earrings mo kace! :)

KC said...

Yes, cute yung spike headband. It'll look good on you. The best time to go there is pag malapit nang magsara kasi konti lang ang tao. That's the time that i go there kasi. Lol. You could ask your hubby to drive you there. Hehe.

Thanks. I'll buy more when I have the time :)