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Saturday, 14 July 2012

I'm A Proud Owner of a Pusang Pinoy

Since our cats are well-fed and well taken cared of, I often get asked if Chiyo is part Ocicat or even part Bengal. People get surprised if they find out that Chiyo is a Pusang Pinoy a.k.a. PusaKal (Pusang Kalye) because they think that he's too handsome to be one.

Chiyo, my boy.

Meet the rest of the gang:

Evil Kitty, the most evil cat in the block

Lord Derpington was adopted by my cousin, Gomer

May I introduce you to another one of our former cats, Powder? Unfortunately, Powie was cat-napped four years ago. What I like about Powie is her being a tuxedo cat, which is quite difficult to find. I really miss Powie and I hope whoever took her is taking care of her well.


I just don't get it why others have to alienate PusPins from the rest of the cat family. It hurts me when people do not give so much importance to the PusPins because they're just THAT. I seriously wanted to punch that random guy in the LRT who said that he is planning to throw away the kittens he found on their yard "kasi pusakal lang naman yun". Pusakal lang? Are you freaking kidding me? They are still cats, you know.

Fuck you, that's what.

I'm not ashamed to say that our cats are PusPins. Being a cat lover, I do not mind if the cat I am taking care of has a breed or none and I look beyond the breed to see what I can do for a cat. That's what being a cat lover is all about, being able to give unrequited love to cats despite its form or breed.

From the CARA webpage

Posts on Facebook declaring their love for animals but act otherwise make me laugh. I feel sorry for them because they don't understand the joys of being a pet owner.

I'm done here. Kudos to those who have PusPins as pets. :)


Victoria Vizcarra said...

Oh my gosh Lord Derpington is adorable!


KC said...

Thank you Victoria. He's more adorable now, thanks to my aunt and cousin :)