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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sisterlihood Bonding Bag

Lookie here, it's our "sisterlihood bonding bag"

OZ, PH and US

Ate Richie bought it while she was scouring the corners Orchard Road. She thought that it's pretty cool for us girls to have a same bag. We named it as "sisterlihood bonding bag" in total mockery of the perky stuff we see at Facebook. It gives Ate Richie a headache if she hears how we say it. It makes Charmaine convulse but we do it anyway.

Soon, one sisterlihood bonding bag is bound to the US and one is bound for OZ. As for the last one, it's bound to stay here in the PH. But wherever it may go, it'll remain to serve as its purpose: *insert perky tone here* as a sisterlihood bonding baggie!

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