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Monday, 27 August 2012

I Am Now Ready For The Rain

When the skies look like this...

...rain is sure to fall at any moment. And if rain does fall really hard, the Taft Avenue looks like this:

Me no gusta!

I have experienced traversing a flooded Taft Avenue from the Manila City Hall to Pedro Gil and it's not something good to remember. I could still remember how I cringed as I took the plunge on the disgusting, leptospira interrogans infested water. Before I get started on enumerating the stuff I saw floating in the water, let me just say that this will never happen to me again. EVER.

Since I already know the areas where the flood is shallow (read: at mid-calf level), I decided that having rain boots is the best way to go. Problem is that I don't know a place that sells durable but cute rain boots for women. Good thing I remembered Plueys rain boots and I searched for local distributors online. That's when I came across Ready For Rain.

Ready for Rain offers a vast collection of rain gear for men, women, and children. I was thrilled to find lots of cute designs for the women's rain boots. My personal choice is Matchpoint because it has my two favorite colors, blue and green together with a tennis racket print. Ordering from them is such a breeze and they have a lot of payment options for you to choose from. I paid by credit card for faster transactions. Although I got my boots a week later due to weather problems, I'm still happy because I finally have these boots that can protect my feet from flood water. Goodbye, wet and squishy shoes! 

My new babies. Mrhrhr.

This is really convenient for me as I travel a long way from Taft to go to the hospitals where I rotate. Downside is that since the weather is erratic, I have to carry it with me when the weather is acting up. But the mere thought of my feet not getting is wet is enough reason for me to lug it around.

If you want a pair of these gorgeous rain boots, just go and visit their online store by clicking here.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

What Is Spaying and Neutering?

Here's the lowdown on spaying and neutering. I think that this is the best explanation on why we need to have our pets spayed or neutered. I got this off the Zen Cats Association Facebook Page.

I hope that everyone realizes the value of spaying and neutering their pets so that there would be no more "unwanted" animals on the streets. :)