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Monday, 12 November 2012

Shifting Gears

I started this blog in 2007, in order to amuse and express myself while waiting for the results of the Nursing board exam. I used this blog as an outlet in expressing my thoughts and emotions aside from just amusing myself by writing about the things that I discover online. As I am looking back on the contents, I noticed that I was an angst ridden and shallow little twit who knew nothing better. Well, what would you expect from a girl who just turned 20 and was suddenly released into the harsh conditions of the real world? No one ever told me what was it like. And boy, was I in a rude awakening, hence the angst.

Although I could still type in crazy things just like the old times, I probably won't write about it that much anymore as I am now older and (hopefully) wiser. Life is too short to waste on harboring negativity towards others. It's ok to write about your conflicts with other people but it's better if you personally settle whatever issues you have. I realized that it is also important to give out constructive criticisms so that there would be improvement on the things that affect each one of us. One of the things I learned five years after the creation of this blog, is to live and let live. 

In short, the interests of this blog will now expand. It'd be cool to read some of the things that make living life worthwhile, aside from my insidious rants that a lot of people interpret negatively. And if I get round to writing about people that irked me, I would still maintain their anonymity but I have to congratulate them for annoying me so much that I have to blog about them again.

I was thinking whether to make another blog but sentimentality and separation anxiety kicks in. I maintained this for 5 years and it's be a shame for this to go down to waste. But then again, this change would be for the better.

Let's get this show on the road. :)


akoangheredera said...

I can relate...The other blog was a reflection of the previous me. Mas madaming negative...I celebrate my re-birth by another blog. Just like you told me before just leave it kung nanghihinayang ka burahin lahat.

I think we should celebrate the new us. Masyado nang maraming negativity na nangyari sa buhay natin. Let's start anew.

And for the person/s that irks us. THE HELL WITH THEM. No special place for them in our blog.

KC said...

Tama! I'm working on another blog and yung mga travelogue posts ko na lang ang i-eexport ko. Parang celebrating life and peg ng bago kong blog. :)

akoangheredera said...

o diba...parang kalalabas mo lang ng rehab hehehe

KC said...

Totoo. Haha. Eto lang ang inatupag ko for now.