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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Meme Life

Ever since I got hooked on 9GAG, I always look forward to great memes because there are times that I find it funny because I can relate to it and sometimes it explains exactly what I think but can never say out loud. One of my favorites is the Kill Yourself/Yourselves meme. As Know Your Meme puts it:
Kill Yourself, also known in plural as Kill Yourselves (if more than one person is involved), depicts a man dressed in a suit and giving off a “stop” gesture with his hand. The meme is commonly used in chat rooms and social networking sites in response to incompetent and/or pathetic remarks, statements, or images, with the purpose of telling those who it is directed at that they should just kill themselves for having said or done something so pathetic.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Being the pakialamera that I am, there are a lot of Facebook posts that I want to flag down with this. However, I have to stop the urge because it's not going to be pretty because of a wounded ego due to public humiliation. I've seen a lot of these and it gave me headaches. Too much vitriol wastes bandwidth and ruins what should've been a fun way to connect with other people.

Memes are fun but sometimes you have to be careful because not everyone could understand it. The bottomline here is that you have to think before you click.

And as for me, totally relating with an internet meme is a sign that I have no life. Loljk.

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