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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Todos Los Santos

Todos Los Santos or All Saints Day is celebrated in the Philippines every year on November 1 to honor and pay respects to our departed family members and loved ones.

Stained glass Crucifix

Our family's celebration of All Saints Day was very different from what we had during the past years because we lost our dear Auntie Simple this year. 

Photo taken from my cousin, Erika's Facebook album

She used to be the source of entertainment due to her vast knowledge of the latest showbiz chismis; her side comments on current events and anything that does not pass her approval always makes us laugh. I'm still not used to not having her around anymore but I'm getting there. I'm sure the others are also doing the same. The sadness is still there but everyone is moving on. 

We forgot to shoot a complete group photo!
L-R: Gomer, Charmaine, Auntie Nene, Auntie Guritte, CJ
Seated in front: Erika, Me

But in true blue Oville fashion, we managed to celebrate the occasion despite having glitches in the mausoleum. The usual potluck, trading of stories and joking around were the staple. I'm sure Auntie Simple would have also enjoyed that day if she's still with us.

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